[FIRESIDE CHAT] Investing in a Timeless Alternative

Tapping into the Recession-Proof Luxury Watch Segment

Don’t miss out on learning how the wealthy spends excessively on their watch collecting hobby while not only losing a cent in the process, but turn a healthy profit at the end of the day.

3 Main Things That Will Be Covered in this Fireside Chat:
1. How the luxury watch market works and how the rich grow their wealth through investing into the right watches
2. Strategies to start building a portfolio of watches that can benefit from capital appreciation over time
3. Ask as many questions about the market & asset allocation to plan ahead
Prevention is truly better than cure. The time is now and the timing is right and ripe for those who are willing to profit in a recession.

– Derick Tan, Founder & CEO of Timing & You
– Dato Michael Tee, Founder of Watch Investment, Industry Opinion Leader & Advisor to Public Listed Companies

Dow 30,000 is coming! S&P 500 4,000 is coming! Nasdaq 12,000 is coming! Timing is Everything! 时机就是一切!


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