Ship $1K+ in Sales on Poshmark With Me!! Luxury Bedding at the Bins??

Ship over $1K worth of sales with me! Thanks for watching guys.

Shipping Materials:
DYMO 4XL Printer:
DYMO Label Refills:
Duck Brand Packing Paper:
Thank You Stickers:
Scotch Tape Refills:
Packing Tape:

My Reselling Essentials:
Fabric Shaver/Lint Brush:
Needle Threaders (used to fix pulls):
Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover:
Lighting Kit:
Replacement Bulbs for Light Kit:
Lint Roller:
Lint Roller Refills:
Velvet hangers:
Dr. Marten’s Wonder Balsam:

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Free USPS Boxes & Envelopes I Use:
Small bundles: Priority Mail Box – 1092
Medium-large bundles: Priority Mail Box – 1095
Large bundles: Priority Mail Box – 7
Shipping envelopes: Priority Mail Tyvek Envelope – EP14
Priority Mail labels (to secure edges of boxes): Priority Mail Shipping – Label 106

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