The Passion Behind Luxury Skin Care Brand, Celtic Complexion

Why would seasoned artisan skincare maker, Jennifer Devlin-Waller of Celtic Complexion ( take my online skincare course, Create Your Skincare (

I was honored, of course, but totally confused because here’s someone with a well-established and beautifully executed skincare brand–why on Earth would she want to take my course? What could she possibly learn from me since I feel I’ve learned so much from her?

Well, I decided to ask her! Jennifer graciously agreed to do an interview with me to talk more about the passion behind Celtic Complexion, and to share why she chose to take Create Your Skincare and how she uses what she learned in the course. She also shares some great wisdom and passion about ingredients and her process that you won’t want to miss! But what I love the most, is how Jennifer describes not only the difference between artisan skincare and mass-produced skincare, but WHY it’s important. She also talks about the importance of skincare as self-care–and how adding luxurious details every step of the way is such an important part of how well your product works whether you’re formulating for yourself, a friend, or for a client.

Create Your Skincare starts again soon!

Whether you’re a DIY skincare beginner or a seasoned skincare formulator, this course will serve you wherever you are in your process. I’d love to have you as part of the Create Your Skincare lifelong learning community–go to to learn more (you can even take a free class!).

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