About Taiyo
Taiyo A brand to reckon with High-end luxury home furniture & The company was established in 2021 in India ,has exceeded all expectations when it comes to providing imported and Indian customized furniture.
We have our manufacturing site and head office based in Kirti Nagar, Delhi, India. We are a potential manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Imported Turkish Furniture and other various.
Global furniture whole sellers is the company behind Taiyo which is a brainchild of I space homes .an established brand for home furniture and modular kitchens .
We believe in quality and service with smile. We converting your dream home furniture into a luxury range with our large variety of products with beautiful design. Started from screech the founder of Taiyo Mr. Rajesh Malhotra and Mr. Tarun Khana have made your dream in reality of providing valuable customers the best they can give to their home.
Taiyo product range is fabricated using superior quality raw material to ensure durability and long lasting performance. Our range of offering includes Bedroom , Sofa Set , Dining Table Set , Kitchen Set · Coffee Table · Bunk Bed Comfortline.etc. Our company is engaged in offering our services according to client’s specific requirements and attain complete client satisfaction. Our well-supported and equipped distribution network facilitates us in supplying the orders of our clients within the stipulated time frame. We strive hard to offer the excellent quality products to our clients, which helps in attaining endless list of satisfied clients.
we have customized packaging facilities as well. Our company can manufacture and supply in bulk according to the needs of customers.
For More Information please call : +91-9811095905

Name of Partner: Mr Rajesh Malhotra, Mr Tarun Khanna, Ms Preeti Magon, & Ms Harneet Chadha
Year of Establishment: 2021
Nature of business: Selling Imported Turkish Furniture, Manufacturers, & Wholesale Suppliers
Market Covered: All India

Exquisite decor is what makes a piece of luxury furniture. But it isn’t just one particular feature that decorates a piece of furniture, but a whole array of components that work together to make luxury furniture worthy of that title. At Picó Interiors, we pay close attention to decorative details. Here, we tell you about some of those details that, we believe, should be seen in every single piece of luxury furniture. Luxury furniture can of course be minimalist and simple, Picó Interiors has some rather simple and discrete furniture designs among those found in our catalogue. Although over the decades, our furniture has become characterised by elegance, class and distinction, seen in our luxury furniture in the form of the lines, the features added by hand and the many other details that differentiate TAIYO GLOBAL FURNITURE  from the rest. Details that have given our brand its identity and made them easily recognisable all over the world. Here are 8 of the decorative characteristics that TAIYO never leaves the workshop without – you’ll see them in most of our designs.

Gold-leaf foiling. Gold leaf is an important characteristic for us as it adds a stunning finishing touch to any piece of luxury furniture. The sight of gold is of course spectacular, and it helps us differentiate ourselves from competitors as it is our seal of identity.

Flower Designs. Curved lines are also important in our designs. Whether they be Doors, Windows or frames. Drawings added by hand means that there are no two pieces of luxury furniture the same.

Geometric shapes. In the more modern collections of luxury furniture, we use geometric figures to draw spectacular furniture. The result is fine, classy and full of style, which suits our clients’ taste perfectly.

Shine. Luxury furniture is made and is acquired so that it stands out in our homes, so that it catches everyone’s attention. The way the wood shines, or the way the marble shines is another important decorative aspect of luxury furniture.

Lights. In our newer designs, we’ve opted for elegant LED lighting on furniture such as wardrobes. Adding lights to the inside of a wardrobe improves its usability significantly.

Curves. Curved edges on table legs or chair legs give them a certain edge, an elegante Edge which is always our aim when creating our furniture. You’ll see curved edges on practically all of our models.

Engraved glass. Decorating glass by engraving details onto it is one of the most important features of our luxury furniture, regardless of the model. Glass allows us to create simple, elegant and spectacular designs.

Knobs. And of course, unique handles and knobs for unique furniture, whether it be taps, wardrobes or doors. It is another compulsory feature if what we are talking about is real luxury furniture.

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